Thanks for stopping by! Here at The Mighty PC we’re in the business of providing repurposed business computers for the everyday hero. Whether you’re an educational institution, a small business, a nonprofit, or even an individual, we have repurposed business computers ready to be customized for you.

We believe in doing business one relationship at a time. That’s why we put an emphasis on forming and building relationships with our customers that last a lifetime. Regardless of your industry or needs, we are ready happy to welcome you to The Mighty PC family! Ready to learn more about us and how we do what we do? Stride on over to Our Story or check out Our Approach.


Ken Chan is nothing if not adventurous. It was that sense of adventure, combined with a background in computers, and a need to think outside the box that led Ken to found The Mighty PC in 2010. Learn More

Linda Chan is a free spirit who enjoys combining her creativity and computer know-how to offer high quality repurposed business computers for the everyday heroes in this world. Learn More

Andy’s greatest attribute is his easy-going attitude, but there are a number of things that make him unique. As the man behind the scenes performing all of The Mighty PC’s computer customizations, this uniqueness comes in handy. Learn More

Our Approach

At The Mighty PC, our approach is two parts relationship and one part customization. Sprinkle in some strategy, integrity, and honesty and you have our recipe for why we thrive. It is from this place and our extensive repurposed business PC knowledge that we’ve developed our approach. If you’re wondering what The Mighty PC experience is really like, we’re here to share! Feel free to watch this short video of us and our client, Hillary Scott, discussing her experience in purchasing computers for her business through us.


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