We passionately believe in rebuilding computers into what we call “The Mighty PC”, which we uniquely design for empowering people to become their Superheroes in their rights.  Think of Ironman’s Armor, Batman’s Batmobile or Black Widow’s Baton. In doing so, we inspire people who use The Mighty PC as their Superhero Tool that we take pride for re-creation.


So how do we do this? We are a company with the obsession to find and re-define meaningful life purposes through 5Rs -Rebuild/Repurpose/Refurbish the best business-grade computers with Recyclable computer parts while reducing environmental waste. We mindfully craft the business grade computers into the finest & most useful tools – The Mighty PC.  Not only that, internally we put our heart and soul to give a new meaning on each Mighty PC we repurpose. Externally each Mighty PC is built with durability and performance.  And back by 1 full year warranty & life time tech support.



Our customers are the devoted educators, mom and pop operators with their heart serving the community, innovative start-up entrepreneurs, or on-growing corporate leaders. We share a common desire  – the desire to make the world a better place, to work to preserve the environment and to contribute a noble cause by donating computers to charity. Our rebuilt refurbished business grade computers empower people to fulfill those possibilities.


What is our Mission?

It is all about quality products, stories, experience, and relationships with customers to fulfill our mission. Our Mission within the content of 5Rs (Reduce, Recycle, Refurbish, Rebuild, Re-use) is to help 100,000 people in the next 5 years becoming their Superheroes with Their Mighty PC. While it is not an accessible path, it is a rewarding journey. 



Ken Chan is nothing if not adventurous. It was that sense of adventure, combined with a background in computers, and a need to think outside the box that led Ken to found The Mighty PC in 2010. Learn More

Linda Chan is a free spirit who enjoys combining her creativity and computer know-how to offer high quality repurposed business computers for the everyday heroes in this world. Learn More


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