Given that our business is focused on supporting the everyday heroes in our community, it is a no brainer that we are a resource for many organizations including churches, nonprofits and charities. It is an honor to outfit these types of endeavors with quality PCs that allow them to spend more time on their work and less time in the headaches that computers can create. We also appreciate the opportunity to help lower costs, providing more resources for other areas of the organization.

How do we do this? Through outfitting your organization with repurposed business PCs. It is our experience that this type of computer is the most advantageous as it allows for full customization, lasts longer and costs less both in initial purchase and savings over time due to a smaller number of replacements. Then, we layer in a one year warranty on all units along with lifetime tech support and bulk pricing to further drive the value of working with us for your computer purchasing needs.

We are proud to support the everyday heroes in organizations through integrity-driven computer solutions. If you haven’t yet learned how we do things, make sure to check out our approach. Ready with questions or to get a quote? Please fill out the form below or give us a call at 480-550-9078.