Our Approach

At The Mighty PC, our approach is two parts relationship and one part customization. Sprinkle in a some strategy, integrity, and honesty and you have our recipe for why we thrive. It is from this place and our extensive repurposed business PC knowledge that we’ve developed our approach. If you’re wondering what The Mighty PC experience is really like, we’re here to share! Keep reading...

We always begin by asking our clients questions to get to know them and determine their computer usage / needs. This helps you avoid overspending on unnecessary equipment or us outfitting you with a repurposed business PC* that under or over performs on a daily basis. Once we know how you’ll use the computer and what you need, we’ll make a recommendation (or two). If you like our suggestion and decide to purchase, we customize your unit and we bring it to you by hand (we love to face time with our customers)! Should you be an out-of-towner, we will carefully package up your new friend and mail them to you. After that, if you have any problems, we’re here for you then too! Your unit comes with a year warranty and life-time tech support built-in as well as connections to repair resources, you should need them in the future.

We are focused on providing high quality PCs to the everyday heroes in our community whether they work in education, small business, an organization or simply at home - raising a family, as a blogger and more. We sometimes get asked why we focus solely on repurposed business PCs instead of all computers available on the market and we love to answer that question! It’s simple: it allows us to give you more bang for your buck over the years because they are cost saving and last longer than the average consumer unit.

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