As teachers ourselves, we bring a unique perspective to the table when working with you to outfit each everyday hero within your institution - teacher, administrator, student or otherwise. It is through our own passion for teaching that we have learned a thing or two about providing technology that is not only cost effective but holds up to the wear and tear of the average student.

For our educational institutions, we effectively resolve the problem of getting high quality computers within budget. How do we do this? Through outfitting our customers with repurposed business PCs. It is our experience that this type of computer is the most advantageous as it allows for full customization, lasts longer and costs less both in initial purchase and savings over time due to a smaller number of replacements. We then layer in a one year warranty on all units alongside life-time tech support and bulk pricing to further drive the value of working with us for your computer purchasing needs.

Here at The Mighty PC we are focused on making a difference in our educational institutions, one computer at a time. If you’d like to learn more or get a quote customized to your unique computer needs, please fill out the form below or give us a call at 480-550-9078.

P.S. We’re a registered vendor the Arizona Public School districts, as well as a member of the Arizona Charter Schools Association - in case you were curious! Our dedication to education knows no bounds.