Warranty Info

We offer 1 or 3 years warranty options on all hardware listed.  We guarantee that the item listed herein is free from defects in both materials and workmanship. If the Buyer encounters a defect or malfunctioning in the item, the Buyer can notify the Seller within 30 days of purchase through Email or mobile number, detailing the problem and the effects of the problem, we provide a 1 year warranty for majority of buyers and a 3 year warranty for schools/school districts for all products as a result of manufacturing defects and electric/electronic component breakdown

The buyer shall be responsible for the cost of shipping and delivery costs for the return of the goods back to the buyer, the buyer agrees and acknowledges to this clause stated herein

If the item is deemed defective, the Seller will replace the item within 30 days after receiving the Buyer's notice. This warranty applies to manufacturing defects, motherboard failure, hard drive failure, screen failure, faulty ram, electric/electronic component break down and all components inside the computer. Expenses or damages incurred by improper use, mishandling, normal wear-and-tear, installation issues, physical damage, and or unauthorized repairs/upgrades, Laptop batteries are not under warranty. However, the lifespan of the battery is also not under warranty also.

We are the authority of refurbished computers and only offer the best possible buying experience, however, if you experience any difficulties, please feel free to contact us by email or phone directly.

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