4 Simple Steps for Your PC Maintenance

  1. Uninstall Crapwares

New computers ultimately come with crapwares. Softwares you never wanted and might never use are installed on your computer. Get rid of all these unnecessary software by uninstalling them. Luckily, refurbs are not guilty of this flaw.


  1. Get Rid of Temp Files

If you are using Windows, you know what I am talking about. Go to the ‘run’ window and type in %temp%. Now you’ll see all the temporary files you do not need. Delete these files and save the space of your computer. Create scheduled defragmentation to make the most of your computer’s space.


  1. Keep It Cool

If your computer is a year old, you will notice that it easily hits up. If it is a desktop, check out the fan if it is working properly. Computers (both laptops and desktops) have their own self-cooling mechanisms but as they grow older, these mechanisms may fail. Fix internal cooling by cleaning your computer regularly. Check out this helpful article HERE.


  1. Restart and Power Off Properly

Never ever make the habit of keeping your computer up and running without rest. I am also guilty of this but at all cost avoid turning off your computer by hard reboot constantly. Make sure to turn off or restart your computer properly. Computers receive bug fixes thru computer updates they get whenever you restart your computer. This is especially true for PCs.

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