Debunk 7 Myths about Refurbished Computers

The Truth About Refurbished Computers

Let’s face it. It is human nature to try and explain something we do not understand in such terms that makes the “unknown” acceptable and within our grasp. The problem with this process is that we tend to make up stuff which are far from the truth. Take for example the case of the refurbished computer.

Say refurbished and ask people to give you a one sentence definition of the word Most would say: used, wonky; not hundred percent; slightly used; slightly damaged. This can be not farther from the truth than say the world is flat.


Refurbished Computers are Used Computers

No. Not all refurbished computers are used. Some of them are used for as much as a day and returned the next day. Sometimes because the user does not know how to use the machine’s interface or because it was on display for a few months and the store owner decides to change the display. These computers are as good as new but, for a lack of term to describe it, victims of circumstances. Customers are losing out on a lot of premium business class computers condemned under the refurbished category.

More Likely to Break and Shorter Lifespan

As mentioned previously, refurbished computers are not necessarily used. Take this into consideration: a businessman buys a wonky computer, it does not work properly so he fixed it but it is still a bad investment for any consumer. Someone comes along and buys it under warranty and came back one, twice until the buyer finally returned it.

That is what people think when they hear refurbished. The thing is this is unrealistic. Why? Simply because it would be very bad investment for the seller to keep giving time and effort over a bad machine when he could use it on other more practicable business deals.

Great Warranty Means Bad Computer

That is so not true. Many sellers will tell you that the warranties are good so that buyers will gain confidence with owning refurbished computers, this is necessary what with the “bad rumors” going around the tech neighborhood.

Refurbished Computers Have Bad Internals

Nope. Refurbished computers have great internals. These machines have gone through rigorous testing before it is released or set up for sale.

It is really bad investment for sellers to put out bad machines because it costs much for having it fixed and returned. It is also bad for their bottom line. Keep in mind that one of the top currencies for business nowadays is reputation, that is why Yelp and Google Reviews are thriving apps in these day and age.


So educate the next person who tells you that refurbished computers are bad for business. Don’t lose out on a great computing experience because of hearsays.

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