Going Green with Refurbished

Global warming is real. We have been following the news with humongous storms one after the other; traveling around the earth without care for borders or political differences. The aftermath is shocking too with hundreds to thousands of casualties when tallied together.

Change Starts with two letters

Combatting the effects of global warming starts on a small-scale endeavor. It starts with a simple word: “me”.

Within our own circle of friends, we have always advocated the use of green-computers. The difference is that refurbished computers are not “used” computers. These machines we have did not really enjoy having a true owner. A used computer is one which has stayed with an owner for more than a month, have no licenses when sold and bugs have not been worked out. Refurbished computers, on the other hand, does not fit the “new” category nor the “used” category.  With the exception of lots from corporate-leased computers, refurbished ones come from demo models, returns or overstocks.

You can always ask your refurbished store where their machines come from or how the computer end up on their display window.

Buying refurbished have several options—either from manufacturers or direct from third-party stores. Some would tell you that manufacturers have better quality assurance procedures but the same is true for third-party stores. Find out what the store offers a warranty, maintenance or insurance for your purchase.

Giving Green

Giving-green is not a new concept but one that is catching up. We have assisted people to pick the right computers for their loved ones.  When you give green to your friends or family, we suggest looking at how they might use the computer. Do they travel a lot? Do they use heavy software for work? Make sure to find out as much as you can about what they do and how they use their computers so we can help you pick the best item for birthdays and holidays.

It’s a Lifestyle

If you are buying refurbished to replace an old machine, find out how you can get rid of the old one through environmentally friendly ways like selling, giving them away for a cause or giving to an E-Steward certified recycler.

Going green is not only a whim or an afterthought – it’s a lifestyle. We at The Mighty PC built our business around sustainability. Call us at [phone number] and find out how you can start the ripple in the pond that can grow into a global movement.

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