How to Remove Skype Account on Desktop and Mobile

Remove Skype Account: For most of your requirements, Skype can definitely be a great communication instrument. Ideally, supporting text, video and speech communication should make it one of the best choices you'd like to use. The instrument is not for each of us, though. Some of us may not want Skype account and want the Skype account to be deleted forever. How to delete the account from Skype? Here's how to close your account with Skype.

How to Delete Your Skype Account?

To delete a Skype account, there are several choices. We will list the best alternatives, however, which will assist you to accomplish the job efficiently. You won't be able to immediately delete your Skype account. To accomplish the assignment, you are anticipated to go through a few selected alternatives.

Delink your Skype account to Microsoft

To start with, unlink or delink your Skype account from your Microsoft account before you can completely delete your Skype account. You may lose some special privileges associated with your Skype email ID if you forget about it.

Here's how you can unlink your Skype ID from your Microsoft account –

  • Start your preferred browser and enter com in the address bar.
  • Scroll down and find the Account Settings option. Under Settings and Preferences, you should discover it.
  • Locate your Microsoft ID and find the Unlink / Unlinked option
  • If you discover the Unlink option, it would imply that your Microsoft account is connected to your Skype account.
  • Click the option to unlink your Microsoft account to your Skype account.

That does it, and from your Skype account, your Microsoft account is unlinked now.

Delete your account from Skype

You are now free to delete your Skype account once you have unlinked your Microsoft account from your Skype account.

Here are the easy steps to remove your Skype account.

  • Visit Microsoft's website account closure service.
  • Visit the Skype account associated email ID
  • Type your password
  • Check your identity by phone number or email ID.
  • Enter the security code that you have received on your phone or email ID based on the option you have selected.
  • Before you can effectively remove your Skype account, you should get a few review questions.
  • Click Nex

Follow the directions on the screen and delete your account. Please note that the above instruction will assist you with your Microsoft account to delete your Skype account permanently.

If under a few specific conditions you don't want to delete your Skype account, here's what you'd like to do.

How to remove Skype from Android and iOS?

The task should be rather quite easy and quick

  • Start Skype with your phone.
  • Tap your name for Skype.
  • To start Settings, tap the equipment icon.
  • Locate the Close Your Account choice under Account and Profile.
  • Click on it
  • In the next screen, check your ID and password.
  • Select the checkboxes.


That's how you can delete your Skype account and take care of your privacy. It should be a simple job to remove your account but taking sufficient care before you close your Skype account should be a major problem. Please note that the above techniques will not function if you have an account under Skype for Business. In those circumstances, to close or delete your Skype account, you will need to contact your account administrator. On the server-side, Skype for Business is handled and only your system administrator can remove and delete access to the account.


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