How to Set Facebook Account Trusted Contacts 2019 (Updated)

Trusted Facebook contact: Are you the one whose life is at stake in the accounts? Are you really concerned about the safety of your Facebook account? Then you don't have to kill time and set your Facebook account with Trusted contacts.

The trusted account would be your close friends ' account that can be used later to retrieve your lost Facebook account. This trick can be a measure of security as it will assist you to get your Facebook account back when you lose it.

I understand we're all carrying some true private things on our Facebook account and it becomes a significant component of our life; we're using it every day to share our ideas and interact with friends. In addition, I'm sure you're not going to want to lose your Facebook account.

You must have learned that "Precaution is better than Cure," just as in this situation, you have to work for your account's safety and setting up trusted contact would be a smarter move.

  • First of all, log in to your Facebook account and go to Settings – you can discover the Settings option from where your Facebook account is logged.
  • Then you will enter the Settings panel, from the sidebar you will need to click Security.
  • You'll have distinct kinds of choices that stick to safety afterward. You must search for Trusted Contacts and then click Edit in front of it.
  • Now you need to select trusted contacts to click on.
  • Then you will receive some brief information about Trusted Contacts and then click on Choose Trusted Contacts again.
  • After that, when you lost your account, you can add 3 to 5 friends on the list that you may call to assist out.
  • Once you have written your friend's name you can click the confirm button
  • Now you're going to be asked to enter your password to do the action.
  • That was it, you can now ask these trusted contacts to assist you out whenever you have lost your account.


So, this was my guide that brought you to know how to put some additional safety on your Facebook account. I'm sure this guide must have been helpful and wonderful for you guys. If you have any questions linked to this, then in the comment box, give your queries. I'm going to get back to your queries and help you soon.

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