Know how to speed up Windows 10 PC/Computer 2019

How to speed up Windows 10: Over a period of time, all of us would observe our machine running very slowly. Whether you're using a desktop or a laptop, you can't escape this problem. We will get irritated after using the quicker process if our system slows down. It even takes too much time to start up sometimes. No wonder you get a buying idea of a new device. To speed up your computer, there are a number of solutions to be followed.

To make the device quicker, the following techniques should be followed carefully. We will discuss how to speed up windows in this post. We're going to talk about speeding up Windows 10 OS. Let's think first of the question before discussing the solution to speed up gates.

Why does Software become Slow?

Both programs running when the device is turned on should be available in RAM, the system will create virtual memory once RAM is complete. CPU stores extra memory on the hard disk known as swapping, resulting in the machine being slowed down. We should ensure that redundant programs are not loaded by default.

To accelerate windows, all unwanted programs need to be disabled or uninstalled from your PC.

In the past, you would have downloaded so many versions of software and court. View and uninstall all the software you no longer use by going to the control panel.

Select Start-> Control Panel, choose programs to uninstall, and select Uninstall.

We have to delete temporary files. You are asked to remove them.

Click Windows + R->, type "%temp%” and then click In. Now you're going to get windows with temporary files. Pick everything and delete it. You can also erase all temporary files and cookies using CCleaner technology.

How to accelerate Windows 10 PC/Computer

Reduce programs to start-up

You need to configure fewer programs to run once your process is started.

Click on Windows + R – > and type "MSConfig" to join. You will get the configuration of the device. Click the Start tab and unused programs are removed from the list. If you use your device for long hours, restarting will sometimes clear your mind. It closes all programs running in the background that you have neglected to disable some of the programs that you don't use. Go to the Start button, press the Start menu arrow at the bottom right and pick Restart.

Make sure that your computer has fewer icons

Using fewer icons on your screen is recommended. If your desktop has loads of icons and program shortcuts, your machine will be sluggish. Because they need to be updated by Windows. Creating a directory will solve the problem by dumping all your icons into it.

Switch off gadgets

To speed up your pc, all the devices that will give you details about the weather forecast and sports results will need to be switched off.

Recycle Bin

Many of us feel we've cleared some memory if we delete an object. But we haven't clean the memories out as long as we have them in Recycle Bin. Make sure that you're clean recycling bin.

Additional RAM

The speed of your system depends on RAM. Consider extending your RAM to make it smoother. The quicker we run the programs, the more space we have. Since all programs have to be loaded to run RAM, it is easier to have much more memory. Run disk fragments and disk regularly clean up to accelerate your computer.


Try updating your obsolete drivers and applications.


We saw some hints on how to speed up 10 PC/Computer screens. I hope you're enjoying this blog. To speed up pc and get maximum speed out of it, please use all the above-listed methods. If after following the above methods, you can't solve the problem, it's time to reinstall your operating system. Please reduce the number of programs to be loaded in a restart, clean your temporary files periodically, make your desktop with fewer icons or create a directory and put the icons after the fresh reinstallation if you have any.

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