Refurbished or Brand New? Weigh Your Options

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Refurbished or Brand New? Weigh Your Options

The rate at which the technology industry is producing competitive features and trending designs, it would be very costly to keep up with the latest gadgets and computer models. So what should you do if you have a small budget but have a high-demand line of work? Your option is to buy a brand new computer that fits your budget but most probably will not be able to perform well or get a refurbished computer with the right specs that will answer you needs. Go for brand new or go for refurbished? Let us help you weigh your options (we favor refurbished of course!).

What is Refurbished?

Computers that were returned for reasons ranging from the computer doesn’t fit their lifestyle or the owner found a better one (remember returns are allowed for a limited time only so that technically means that the computers are brand new). Some computers come under the category of being refurbished due to shipping damage like dents or scratches; or boxes were damaged. Some computers become refurbished when the original companies who bulk-leased them return them to the supplier after the lease contract expires. The suppliers then sell these computers as refurbished. So as you can see, refurbished is not so bad after all.



Refurbished computers are sold ranging from half to a quarter of the price of a brand new model.  Refurbished have the same warranties as your brand new ones. You can also ask your store to give you a help line in case you have problems setting up your computer.

Brand new computers usually have all these free software included that you don’t really need? Well your refurbished computer won’t have those but it will have the licensed core software needed to run it.

Environmental Responsibility

One of the biggest landfill waste contributors are gadgets. If you are eco-conscious, then refurbished is the way to go. We go back to the gadget turn-over rate, that means that we are producing machines faster and throwing away old models quicker. In effect, land-fills are piling up! Help save the world and reduce our footprint by reusing machines that are really still in perfect shape but failed to catch up with the “in” crowd.


Want To Scout for Refurbished Computers?

Call us at 480-550-9078 and check out our line up of refurbished computers at and find one that suits not only your budget and your needs. Our refurbished computers have been tested and re-tested to make sure that they are in perfect working condition. We also provide great warranties and our help line is available in case you need assistance. Also, refurbished does not mean “ugly”. Check out our site at and get the best price possible. We also provide bulk-purchase for start-up companies looking for affordable machines.


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