Securing Your Computer Before Disposing It

Sending your computer off to the recyclers, selling it or giving it away is not as simple as one-two-three. It can result in a dangerous situation where you expose yourself to identity theft, and it doesn’t stop there. It is basically an ugly situation which can affect not only you but people you love or even your entire career.

Deleted Data Can Be Recovered

You think you are safe just because you’ve wiped out your hard drive. Or so you thought.

Wrong. Data can be recovered through a recovery program. If you are using a company provided computer, check with your employer on how to delete the hard drive. If you are using a personal computer, you can check with the manufacturer. We strongly advise using software that wipe out data from computers several times rather than programs that wipe out information once.

Check out this article on programs to use for erasing computer data.

Identity Theft Victim? What To Do

Here are some things to watch out for: when you get calls from financial institutions saying you owe them but you know you don’t; small purchases or unidentified charges to your account. If you think you are a possible victim of identity theft check out the Federal Trade Commission’s website with a step by step process of how to recover step-by-step.

Donate for a Cause

After securing your information or files and making sure that they are retrievable, you can explore several ways of getting rid of your old computers. You can check out a local charity event, give it away to a friend or family member who needs it or you can send it to an e-recycler (make sure they are E-Steward certified!). Check out this list of NGOs and Charities accepting old computers and other electronics.

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