Two (2) easy ways on how to find who viewed my 2019 Facebook profile

If you used Facebook for your company reasons, you should wonder who watched my profile on Facebook. Facebook is an ideal network of social media and allows you to grow your company. Nevertheless, popularity should allow you to think about how to see who saw your Facebook profile. 

It can be found out, but there are no particular or well-defined choices to do it. We're going to know how to discover the response to my Facebook profile issue.

Can I discover Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

Well, Facebook does not provide a simple and straightforward technique for checking your query that has been viewing my Facebook. In reality, due to the absence of this function, Facebook mentions the reasons for privacy. If Facebook adds the features of how to see who viewed your Facebook profile, we're not sure.

However, Facebook seems to have given some thought to what users were asking for. This should clarify why the function of the iOS app is accessible. The visitor viewing choice is accessible through the iOS app's privacy settings. The social media site's Android and web variants do not have the feature activated.

How to Find Who observed my profile on Facebook?

A few methods are used to find out who has visited your profile on Facebook.

  1. Using the source page             

The method in nature is a little techy and you might need to be a little tech-savvy. If you are not conscious of the technicalities concerned, the steps can be a little complex.

The steps concerned are here –

  • Visit your Facebook profile on your favorite browser. As it would work effectively enough, Google Chrome should be a nice choice.
  • After loading the page, right-click anywhere in the page
  • Click from the context menu to view Page Source.

You need to search for the InitialChatFriendsList code now. To start the search box and enter those strings, the best choice would be to press CTRL+F. You should discover the string of characters you just entered. Followed by the string, a lot of bunches can be found. These figures refer to your Facebook contacts profiles.

You can visit the Facebook website at and add the number after or to find out what these profiles are. For example, you will visit if you find the number 8596. The first ID in the list would show quite frequently the profile that visits your Facebook profile.

This is actually the best and perfect way to find out who visited your profile on Facebook.

There are a few other techniques, of course, that should work efficiently as well.

  1. Use the Chrome Extension

The Social View Chrome Extension can be an excellent choice if you're searching for a way to see who viewed your Facebook profile. Check out the finest Chrome extensions in your Chrome web store to help you with the assignment.

However, the extensions of third parties may or may not operate effectively. Never choose an alternative that you may not trust. Be cautious about the personal and private data and the problems it may have regarding the services the extension offers.


Officially, Facebook does not provide you with an alternative to respond to your question as to who immediately viewed my profile. The function has only lately been allowed on the iOS app, of course. We'd just hope to discover the functionality added to the world's most famous service's internet version and Android app.


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