Where to Buy Great Laptops For a Steal

Refurbished Business Grade Computer for small business owner

Defining Great Laptops

If you ask a tech newbie what a great laptop is, you might hear the latest trend and most hyped products but if you ask a businessman what a great laptop is, you will hear specs ranging from old models, last month’s model and their personal suggestions on what manufacturers can do better. So get the low-down from us on what a great laptop should look like.

  • It has great coverage in terms of warranty
  • Not the latest model but not the oldest one
  • Buy refurbished! They can save you a lot in terms of money.
  • Check out if you have the tech skills to handle the computer
  • Let the store know what you intend it for, as well as your budget so they can help find the best fit for you.

Why Buy Refurbished?

I know we keep on telling you this but you would have to know it when you’ve tried it. Refurbished computers are not fixer-uppers in a sense that the RFR (Reason for Return) is minor like people changed their mind or they feel like they can’t live with the scratch on the surface of the laptop. The refurbished computers you see on sale have been fixed and tested by experts.

Another source of refurbished machines is a corporate off-lease sale. Companies return the leased computers after three years and the store or company receiving the computers back would sell the machines for a much lower price. Just imagine all the big businesses in the area doing this. Big companies understand that the fast rate of tech advancement means they have to update their computers in a short period of time therefore buying and owning computers is not a good investment in the long term. Regular people like us can then benefit from those three-year old machines. Not a bad deal considering that they are business class computers at a low price.


Finding a Good Store

Check online reviews and BBB profiles when thinking of buying a computer or laptop. Ask your friends or family for a referral too!

Here are some good sources for laptops:

  • Craigslist – you will have to read all the specs and warranty
  • Buy locally – you would want to be able to get tech support when needed
  • Ask friends or colleagues at work where they got theirs and how is it working for them so far
  • com – this app is a great help in finding local sellers!
  • Check out tech magazines or local newspaper ads


Save More With Us!

We at The Mighty PC offer great business grade computers at low prices. We provide great warranty coverage and tech support when needed. We also have an awesome referral program where you get discounts for referring a friend! Give us a call and let us know what you need – we can help you find the best computer for school, work or even for your business.  Call us at 480-550-9078

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