How to Connect AirPods to Laptop in 5 Minutes

It's not just iPhones that can use AirPods. You can also use Bluetooth to connect Apple's wireless earbuds to laptops. Soon, you'll be able to listen to podcasts and join Zoom meetings.

If you want to listen to podcasts on your iPhone or watch your latest streaming obsession on your iPad without bothering anyone else, you can use AirPods. But you are not limited to Apple products; AirPods can connect to Android phones and tablets, as well as your PC, thanks to Bluetooth.

How to Connect Your AirPods to a Windows PC

Tools you need: AirPods for Windows PC

Step 1, get your AirPods

To protect your AirPods from damage, put them in their charging case, close the lid, and wait a few seconds. For pairing, the earbuds should have at least 20% battery life left.

Step 2, Turn on Bluetooth

To connect your AirPods to a Windows laptop via Bluetooth, activate the feature by navigating to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices. You can also get the feature from Microsoft; Windows 11 has a Quick Settings option for Bluetooth.

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Step 3: Click Add Device

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Step 4, At the top of the menu, choose Bluetooth.

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Step 5, Press and hold the back button for a while

Hold down the small round button on the inside of the case (older AirPods) or the front of the case (AirPods Pro) until LED lights flash.

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Step 6, Hold on until the light turns white, May be Yellow, Green for other models.

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The light should turn white/yellow/green after a while.

Step 7, Click your AirPods

A list of Bluetooth devices will show up after a short time. Pick out the AirPods icon and click on it. AirPods are on the list of devices that can connect via Bluetooth.

Step 8, You are now ready to go

There should be a screen that says, "Your device is ready to go." Press "Done." After that, the earbuds should connect to the laptop on their own. If they haven't already, find them in the list of Bluetooth devices and click to pair. The AirPods are linked.

Remove AirPods from a laptop computer

To remove your AirPods from your PC by hand, click on the earpieces in the Bluetooth & Other Devices menu and choose Remove device. This will also work if your AirPods don't connect in the future. To add them again, follow the steps listed above.

How to connect your Apple AirPods to your Mac

If you have a Mac laptop and your iPhone has already paired your AirPods, Apple Handoff will automatically pair them with your Mac. As soon as you open the case for your AirPods.

  1. Go to the Mac's menu bar and click on Sound Control. Then, choose AirPods.
  2. Press and hold the setup button on the back (or the noise control button if you're using AirPods Max) until the status light flashes white.
  3. Then, put both earbuds into the charging case and open the lid.

Your Apple AirPods connected to your Mac.

If you want to make sure Bluetooth is on your Mac, go to the Apple menu, select System Settings, and then Bluetooth. Out of the list of devices, pick out your AidPods and click Connect.