How To Measure Laptop Size Before Buying Laptop Bag Online

How To Measure Laptop Size Before Buying Laptop Bag

You most likely always have a laptop or tablet with you if you travel frequently for work. Which implies that you should make sure you have the ideal computer carry bag for traveling. When trying to decide between a laptop sleeve or a bag, you might feel a little confused. The last thing you want is to have to deal with an uncomfortable tight fit for your device or the headache of ordering the wrong size.

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The Mighty PC's team understands that, so welcome to our cheat sheet for measuring devices. Please take out your tape measure or ruler, and let's get started. Finding the correct laptop bag requires first knowing how to measure your laptop in order to avoid ordering the wrong size or receiving a bag that is either too tight or too loose and does not provide enough protection for your device.

Measuring Your Laptop - Step By Step Guide

The majority of laptop bags and laptop sleeves are made to fit standard device sizes, which include 10.5", 12", 13", 14", 15", and 15.6".

Measure Diagonally

The diagonal measurement of your laptop's screen from edge to edge is called its inch size. The screen's casing, which frequently increases the size by an inch, is not included in this measurement.

To determine your laptop's actual measurement in inches and select the best travel bag, measure your laptop diagonally from edge to edge.

Diagonally Measurement of Your Laptop

Measure The Height

Keep your laptop closed while measuring its height for the most accurate measurement. Run a measuring tape parallel to the shortest sides along the top and bottom of your laptop lid to take a measurement. Add one to two inches to the measurement to ensure that your device doesn't protrude out of the bag.

measuring the height of your laptop

Width Measurement

Measure the laptop's width by running a tape measure parallel to the longest side from left to right. Select a laptop bag that fits your laptop properly to prevent it from sliding around inside and becoming damaged.

measuring the width of laptop

Measuring The Depth

To measure the depth of your laptop, place the end of the measuring tape on a level surface and measure vertically upward (from front to back). A bag that is at least half an inch deeper than your laptop is what you should get.

 depth measurement of laptop

While Choosing a Laptop Bag

You are ready to purchase a laptop bag once you know the dimensions of your laptop! Check the product description for the size of the device compartment when looking for bags that fit laptops. It should be somewhat larger than your device. If it is the exact measurement, it will be too tight.

Remember that the orientation of the device compartments varies depending on the type of bag. For instance, messenger bags and briefcases typically have their compartments arranged horizontally, but laptop bags and backpacks typically have their compartments oriented horizontally.

The Bag Compartment Size

Checking the device compartment size in the product description on the product page is a brilliant idea. It should be slightly larger than your gadget rather than precisely the same size to avoid a tight fit that isn't your primary squeeze.

Remember that the orientation of the device compartments will vary amongst bags. Totes, briefcases, and messenger bags typically have horizontal compartments, while backpack compartments are generally vertical.

Additional Guide about: Measuring Your Tablet

In order to measure the screen size of a tablet, measure diagonally from the upper left corner to the lower right corner. The border around the screen's edge is not included in the measurements, just like with laptops.

Note: "Tablet screen size" and "tablet size" are different. Tablet screen size is the diagonal measurement of the screen, not the length, width, or depth.


Now that you know how to measure the size of your laptop, getting a bag that fits snugly without being too tight is the best way to achieve this. Before traveling, make sure you pack your tablet or laptop carefully.

Your laptop or tablet is less likely to get damaged when securely enclosed in a padded bag that prevents it from moving. Naturally, handle your bag carefully to safeguard your gadget further.