Intel Corei7-10700K – A practical substitute for the Core i9

Intel Core i7-10700K

The Intel family has a great deal pulling out all the stops with the 10th Gen Intel Processor. Yet is it enough to keep down AMD Ryzen Processors.

Overview of Intel Core i7-10700K Processor Comet Lake

The Intel Core i7-10700K processor likewise accompanies a 3.8-GHz base clock combined with its 16 strings. Improves it’s remaining against cost practically identical Ryzen processors in strung work area PC applications. While the smart single-strung exhibition gives it an altogether win in gently strung applications.

Intel Core i7-10700K likewise ends up being a deft overclocker that doesn’t produce an unsound measure of overabundance heat. So off-the-rack water coolers can open enormous additions. In general, this Intel Core i7-10700K gives you almost a similar gaming execution as the Intel Core i9-10900K.

Yet for $180 less, and overclocking wipes out any significant contrast in gaming execution between the chips. You likewise get severe single-strung performance at stock settings.

Should I buy Intel i7 10700k 10th Gen or wait?

Intel’s 10th generation processor is ideal to purchase because Intel has not clarified when the 13th generation processor comes out. In numerous regards, the Core i7-10700K is comparable. If worse, then the past gen core i9-9900K.

The two chips accompany eight centers and 16 strings. Yet the 10700K has higher 3.8/5.1 GHz base/help tickers, while the Core i9-9900K tops out at 3.6/5.0 GHz. The two chips have a similar 4.7 GHz all-center lift.

Intel Core i7-10700K Processor

Image Credit: Amazon

Price at time of publish: $243.95 at Amazon. 

  • Core i7-10700K boasts 8 cores and 16 threads, allowing it to handle demanding workloads with ease.
  • It can handle multitasking, run AAA games at high settings and frame rates, and power through video editing and 3D rendering tasks efficiently.
  • This processor is unlocked, meaning you can push its clock speeds beyond the factory settings for even better performance.
  • This is great for enthusiasts who want to squeeze every bit of power out of their system.
  • Hyper-Threading technology allows each core of the processor to handle multiple threads simultaneously, further enhancing its multitasking capabilities.
  • The i7-10700K has a high Thermal Design Power (TDP) of 125W, meaning it consumes a lot of power under load.

Is the Intel Core i7-10700K Processor good for gaming?

Core i7-10700K processor leads in gaming. However, cost-cognizant customers may incline toward Intel’s own Core i5-1600K. Which is a superior incentive for cheaper gaming rigs. This leaves the Core i7-10700K as a decent decision for the top-of-the-line gaming machines.

It certainly takes the sparkle off Intel’s Core i9-10900K (and its appalling force utilization) for overclocking devotees and the edge rate fixated.

The non-K 10700 is a fine other option, particularly when matched with a mid-reach or top-of-the-line GPU. It has a lot of snort for both single-strung and multithreaded tasks and is an incredible chip to manufacture a gaming PC around.

Core i5-10600K Processor

Image Credit: Amazon

Price at time of publish: $154.29 at Amazon.


  • The Core i5-10600K offers outstanding performance for its price point, making it a great option for budget-conscious gamers and content creators.
  • It features 6 cores and 12 threads, with a base clock speed of 3.5 GHz and a max turbo boost speed of 4.8 GHz. This allows it to handle demanding tasks like gaming, video editing, and 3D rendering with ease.
  • Unlike its non-K counterparts, the Core i5-10600K is unlocked, meaning you can overclock it to squeeze out even more performance.
  • The Core i5-10600K comes with Intel UHD Graphics 630 integrated graphics, which are good enough for basic tasks like web browsing, watching videos, and even light gaming.
  • The Core i5-10600K has a TDP (Thermal Design Power) of 125W, which means it consumes more power than some other processors in its class.

    10th gen Intel Core i9-10900K Processor

    Image Credit: Amazon
    Price at time of publish: $439.99 at Amazon.


    • 10th gen Intel Core i9-10900K boasts a remarkable single-core performance, making it ideal for tasks that rely heavily on a single core, such as gaming, light video editing, and web browsing.
    • It can reach clock speeds of up to 5.3 GHz with Thermal Velocity Boost, providing a noticeable performance boost in single-threaded applications.
      Image of 10th gen Intel Core i910900K Processor
    • While not the absolute leader in multi-core performance, the 10th gen Intel Core i9-10900K still delivers impressive results in multi-threaded workloads like 3D rendering, video editing, and scientific computing. With its 10 cores and 20 threads, it can handle demanding tasks efficiently.
    • The 10th gen Intel Core i9-10900K uses the LGA1200 socket, which is Intel’s last iteration of the socket before transitioning to LGA1700 with the 12th generation Alder Lake processors.

    Is the Core i7 10700k processor good?

    Generally, the Core i7-10700K gives you almost a similar gaming execution as the Core i9-10900K. Yet for $180 less (price may vary), and overclocking wipes out any important contrast in gaming execution between the chips. You likewise get very serious single-strung execution at stock settings.

    What Generation is Core i7 10700k processor?

    Tenth Gen Intel Core i7-10700K opened work area processor. Including Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, opened tenth Gen Intel Core work area processors are advanced for lover gamers. Genuine makers and help convey superior overclocking for an additional lift.

    Why Intel more dependable than AMD?

    On the off chance that you’re working and playing. At that point, AMD chips actually speak to the best value for your money. Regardless of whether Intel CPUs will give you better gaming execution once you get outside the passage level chips. That is the reason, for supreme unadulterated gaming execution. Intel CPUs are as yet the smartest choice.

    Really Intel 10th Generation worth it?

    The tenth gen Intel CPUs are truly not that much costly contrasted with the eighth gen anyway. They are on normal 15–20 percent quicker and on the off chance that you are going for the new 10Th Gen G-arrangement CPUs. They accompany the new incorporated illustrations which are up to fundamentally quicker than the old UHD designs.

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    Comparison of Intel Core i7-10700K and features

    Manufacturer Intel fabs both the Core i9-9900K and Core i7-10700K with a comparable cycle and design. However, the 10700K comprises of the ten-center kick the bucket with two centers intertwined off to make an eight-center part. Additionally, Intel gives the 10700K a 125W TDP rating. Which is a generous increment over the 9900K’s 95W.

    Intel specs the TDP rating at base tickers. So, the organization made a couple of modifications. Including matching a more slender pass-on and copper incorporated warmth spreader (IHS) with patch TIM to help oblige the higher warmth yield. Intel likewise knocks up the PL2 (Power Limit 2) rating that reflects power attract during support action to 229W. Which is a major bounce over the 9900K’s 119W rating.

    Knocks up memory

    Intel knocks up its memory uphold over the past gen models from DDR4-2666 to DDR4-2933, a minor improvement. Additionally, you’ll require a Z490 motherboard with the LGA1200 attachment to oblige the chip. Fortunately, all 115x cooling arrangements are viable, likewise with the chip’s other proportion multipliers. Intel completely empowers memory overclocking on Z-arrangement motherboards.

    However, you’ll lose that usefulness on the B-and H-arrangement. Make certain to cost in a Z-arrangement load up and a cooling arrangement, ideally fluid. In case you’re headed toward the overclocking races, in the interim. AMD permits overclocking on everything except its A-Series motherboards.

    Without box cooler

    The Core i7-10700K doesn’t accompany a boxed cooler like the contending Ryzen chips. Yet mid-range air coolers ought to be adequate for stock activity and even some overclocking. Genuine overclockers should anticipate a 240mm or more noteworthy across the board cooler. Yet the overclocking results we’ll diagram on the accompanying pages are pretty great.

    More strings

    Intel’s Comet Lake has cratered into the market, carrying more strings to the organization’s Core i5 and i7 arrangements alongside more centers for the Core i9 family. In light of AMD’s unwavering weight, Intel’s patched-up arrangement offers more strings for a similar valuing as past gen models.

    The Core i7-10700K spaces in with eight centers and 16 strings for an MSRP of $374/$349 (without GPU). However, current road costs are higher. Indeed, the 10700K offers a similar number of centers and strings as the past gen Core i9-9900K. Yet for $180 less. Making it a competitor for our rundown of Best CPUs.

    Final Verdict

    True to form, Intel saved the best highlights for its radiance Core i9-10900K. Similar to help for its Thermal Velocity Boost that triggers higher lift speeds if the chip has under a specific fever. Notwithstanding, the Core i7-10700K still denotes the introduction of Turbo Max 3.0 to the Core i7 family.

    This tech focuses on the 10700K’s two quickest centers. Which top at 5.1 GHz, with daintily strung outstanding burdens to improve smartness. That outcomes in a shockingly close rivalry for gaming matchless quality between the Core i7-10700K and the Core i9-10900K.