LOGITECH C930e HD WEBCAM WITH PRIVACY SHUTTER - Business Certified Widescreen

Logitech has been making extraordinary best webcams for quite a long time. Yet, it’s conceivable the Webcam Logitech C930e business certified is its best one, however. On account of different implicit encoding innovations in the equipment, it empowers 1080p over-the-Internet HD web-based at 30 frames for each second.

In any event with business-class applications like Microsoft Lync and Cisco WebEx, zoom meetings, and skype certified, Furthermore. It’s viable with Skype, Google Hangouts, and a few other Web video visit administrations. You likewise get a 90-degree rotation to see, so you can flaunt a gathering table or whiteboard behind you as you talk.

Because of its superb video and sound quality and strangely adaptable mount, the Logitech Webcam c930e is our new Editors’ Choice for purchaser-level webcams.

Logitech C930e Webcam means business

Price at time of publish: $67.99 at Amazon.

  • This webcam delivers sharp and clear video quality, making it ideal for video conferencing, streaming, and recording.
  • The C930e features a built-in microphone with noise cancellation technology, which helps to reduce background noise and improve audio quality during calls.
  • This webcam automatically adjusts to different lighting conditions, ensuring you look your best even in low-light environments.
  • The C930e boasts a wide field of view, allowing you to capture more of your surroundings in your video calls, perfect for presentations or showing off your workspace.
  • Unlike some newer webcams, the C930e does not have a physical privacy shutter.

Logitech C930e business certified design

The c930e is made generally of dark black plastic. It estimates 3.7 by 1.7 by 2.8 inches (HWD) and weighs 5.7 ounces with the clasp and link included. The Carl Zeiss glass focal point is the predominant aspect of the silver front board. Sound system amplifiers sit on one or the other side. The top edge is spotless, while the base interfaces with the underlying mount with three pivots and cushioned elastic surfaces.

Features of logitech C930e business certified

Logitech C930e Webcam HD 1080p

The mount is quite bright; I got it to wait on a PC top, a few work area screens, and I had the option to mount it on a high rack over a work area. It additionally has an implanted string on the base for a norm or work area stand. Because of the third, more modest bit of the mount at the bottom, you can expand it a spot, so the webcam inclines down at you from on an enormous work area PC screen.

An outer, dark plastic security screen goes about as a cover you can open and near truly block the focal point. With the screenshot, you don’t need to stress if the product you’re utilizing naturally empowers a video feed or if somebody empowered the feed for more malicious purposes without your insight. In any case, it’s free and not for all time joined, so you must be mindful so as not to lose it.

Setup of LOGITECH C930e business certified

Introducing the c930e is as straightforward as anyone might imagine since it doesn’t need a driver. You take a PC or Mac, plug it in, and advise whatever application you’re utilizing to discover it and use it. All you require is a Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC or a Mac running OS X 10.7 or higher; the USB port should be in any event 2.0 viable. 

Pros of purchasing C930e HD webcam

  • Sharp video quality, with 1080p in supported business chat apps.
  • Plug-and-play on both Macs and PCs; no drivers necessary.
  • Wide field of view.
  • Sharp photos.
  • Best noise cancellation.
  • Certified choice for video conferencing.
  • Captures 1080p Full HD video quality.
  • Easy to install and plug and play webcam.
  • Elegant design.

Cons of purchasing C930e HD webcam

  • No optical zoom.
  • No optical settings.
  • Expensive.


Logitech C930e Webcam HD 1080p

Logitech C930e 1080P HD Video Webcam – 90-Degree Extended View, Microsoft Lync 2013 and Skype Certified

Performance of Logitech C930e business certified

Suppose you endeavor to look proficient at your particular employment. In that case, you need your webcam to make you look grainy and dull while you video chat. Enter the Logitech Webcam C930e, a $120.75, or £159.00, or CDN$195.95 endeavor-centered camera with a wide field of view and superb clamor retraction. Be that as it may, the C930e’s tones aren’t generally precise. It doesn’t accompany photograph or video-catch programming, making them more affordable C920 a definitive decision for a few.

The C930e is one stout webcam. It estimates 3.7 creeps from start to finish, incorporating speakers, LED lights, and the camera focal point. It’s practically indistinguishable from Logitech’s purchaser model of this gadget, the HD Webcam C920, in that they share a body and plan. The two significant contrasts are that the C930e is both dark and silver.

Simultaneously, the C920 is all dark, and the business variant incorporates a protective cover. The plastic shield includes an entryway that pulls all over to conceal you from prying eyes and can shield the focal point from scratches.

Features of Logitech C930e business certified

The camera utilizes an arm to cozily fit on top of your PC’s presentation or outer screen. A pivot changes the length, and an elastic tractions the camera safely in its place, on the off chance that you like to keep your webcam around your work area. The C930e has an amount depending on the underside that will allow you to screw it onto any ordinary camera stand.

The USB rope that connects to the rear of the camera is 6 feet in length, which is sufficiently protracted to reach even the farthest USB ports in your arrangement.

The C930e takes sharp, point-by-point photographs and recordings with a wide field of view but has a few shading precision issues. At the point when I took pictures and recordings of myself with the webcam in a sufficiently bright space in our lab, my light red shirt showed up a brilliant cherry red. The photo was oversaturated to the point that I discovered it diverting.

However, a couple of my associates favored the clarity. My skin likewise seemed paler than expected, and trust me, that is difficult to do. The Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 was undeniably more exact when it came to shading generation.

Logitech C930e Webcam

Value of Logitech C930e business certified

The facts confirm that the Logitech C930e Webcam is more on the pricey side. Given its excellent presentation and generally preferable form quality over the Anivia 1080p HD Webcam, it’s justified even despite the cost. This is particularly evident when you set it up for video conferencing. Furthermore, should you use it outside of that for, state, web-based, its H.264 video pressure protects the 1080p quality while just occupying a large portion of the room on your hard drive. 

Why We Like It – Logitech C930e 1080p

Including two omnidirectional mics, 1080p video quality, a couple of extra highlights, and Logitech’s seal of endorsement, the C930e shapes itself up to be perhaps the best webcam accessible.

Upgrade video meetings to business class

C930e is a high-level HD 1080p webcam that conveys excellent video any climate, including low-light and brutally illuminated settings. H.264 video pressure and a liberally wide 90° field of view help make C930e the following best thing to being their face to face.

Better video meetings start

C930e conveys better video gatherings. HD 1080p/30 fps video improved by RightLight™ 2 and a high-accuracy focal point give rich, delightful video quality in any climate. The top-notch picture sensor reliably conveys HD quality without jaggies or obscure, in any event, when zoomed in.

Perfectly Framed – LOGITECH C930e business certified

Frame yourself and your workspace impeccably with a liberal 90° corner to corner field of view, HD self-adjust, skillet, tilt, and 4x HD zoom. The undistorted wide field of view joined with the adaptable computerized zoom empowers C930e to catch whiteboard subtleties and show actual items easily. The 90° dFOV is ideal for remembering various members for the camera while noticing relevant physical separating conventions.

High quality, Low bandwidth

Raise meeting profitability with a reliably smooth video transfer in any event when transmission capacity is restricted. C930e underpins H.264 with Scalable Video Coding (SVC) and UVC 1.5 encoding to limit PC and organization assets’ reliance to create self-explanatory video consistently.

Logitech C930e HD 1080p Webcam with privacy shutter attachable


Securely mount C930e wherever it works best—laptop, display or tabletop—with the adjustable clip or affix to your own tripod with the integrated thread.


A flippable lens shade is included with C930e to protect the lens and assure privacy and peace of mind when the webcam is not in use.


Customize C930e with user-defined pan, zoom, and image controls with Logitech Camera Settings software for Windows and Mac.

Final Verdict

The Logitech Webcam C930e is a superb business webcam with awesome picture quality and astounding commotion crossing out, which settles on it an extraordinary decision for loud conditions.

It is costly, be that as it may, so in the event that you simply need a camera for one-on-one video calls or visiting with companions, we suggest going for a less expensive buyer model.

Technical Specefications of Logitech C930e business certified



  • Height: 1.69 in (43 mm)
  • Width: 3.70 in (94 mm)
  • Depth: 2.80 in (71 mm)
  • Cable length: 5 ft (1.5 m)
  • Weight: 5.71 oz (162 g)


Compatible with

  • Windows 7 or later
  • macOS® 10.7 or later
  • Chrome™ OS Version 29.0.1547.70 and higher
  • 2 GB RAM or more needed for 1080p video streaming
  • 1GB is typically needed for streaming 720p
  • USB-A port
  • Works with popular calling platforms


  • All UVC apps
  • 264 for Skype for Business


Multiple resolutions

  • 1080p/30fps (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • 720p/30fps (up to 1280 x 720 pixels) with supported clients H.264 video compression
  • Focus type: autofocus
  • Lens type: glass
  • Built-in mic: stereo, dual omni-directional
  • Diagonal field of view (dFoV): 90°
  • Digital zoom: 4x
  • USB connectivity: USB-A plug-and-play
  • Rightlight™ 2 Technology for clarity in various lighting environments, even low light
  • Optional Camera Settings application for control of pan, tilt, and zoom
  • Attachable privacy shutter
  • Tripod-ready universal mounting clip fits laptops, LCD or monitors 1Tripod not included


  • Webcam with 5 ft (1.5 m) attached USB-A cable.
  • Attachable privacy shutter.
  • User documentation.


3-year Limited hardware warranty


  • 960-000971