How to recover or restore lost and deleted contacts in android

How to recover deleted lost contacts in your android: Most of my friends sent me an email requesting my mobile number. They've lost all their phone contacts in an unexpected situation. Image of a nightmare where your company, family, and friends have not found a single touch. What will you do? You may not have all your contacts ' addresses. Asking all your friends for their mobile numbers on social media is a painful process.

In a group discussion, if you tell them, then everyone else will know the contacts of your friend that can lead to prank calls. Many of us assume that if we can't find them, we lost our contacts. In this article, we're going to.

How to recover lost contacts on Android?

Your buddies would have changed your Android phone setting at times.

Step 1: Click contact application to open

Step 2: Select the top-right corner button (three vertical dots).

Step 3: Click to view Contacts

Step 4: Ensure that all contacts are selected

If All Contacts has already been selected, then we can try something else as below stated.

Use Gmail to recover contacts

If Gmail is connected to your Android device, then there's no need to worry. Gmail has a very useful feature to recover your missed connections if you've backed them up. Once you have done. Re-sync your device and get all your contacts with your Google account.

You will then see your list of contacts (or otherwise), click on "More" and choose the Restore Contacts feature.

If you've never cleaned out your phone, then there's still a chance to get back your contacts by searching the old account contacts folder saved on your smartphone. Store Android devices Nexus 5 for example, the database can be found here

/data/data/ android.providers.contacts / databases

If you don't know your server location, download the SQLite manager to get the storage of your device database and open files from.db. Use your old cumbersome system if this is complete. Ask each and everybody to send their contacts


We have seen how to recover the lost deleted contacts in your android. Always synchronize Gmail with your phone. If you lost your contacts, as mentioned above, you can get them back via Gmail.

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