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How to use Google Cloud to back up Android Phone

How do we get back the information? As we all know, it is possible to retrieve data from anywhere in the world via the Internet. If we can save our data (Internet) somewhere in the world that gives us access. Cloud computing is the process by which data is stored using different remote database networks hosted on Internet servers.

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How to upgrade Android Apps/Android Software Update

Nothing is permanent, as we all know, be it technology or our lives and everything else. There would always be a good moment. In today's technology, where there are various innovations that one can not imagine, we are going to have new changes for all the things that we use in our daily lives. In this post, we'll see how the latest android apps can be modified

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How to recover or restore lost and deleted contacts in android

Most of my friends sent me an email requesting my mobile number. They've lost all their phone contacts in an unexpected situation. Image of a nightmare where your company, family, and friends have not found a single touch. What will you do? You may not have all your contacts ' addresses. Asking all your friends for their mobile numbers on social media is a painful process.

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