Top Four Myths About Refurbished Computers You Should Ditch

Ordinarily as a responsible consumer, you would want to thoroughly check out the merchandise before you even buy out in addition to this, you would even check reviews online and if the company has any BBB unresolved complaints. The same is true with refurbished computers but the problem is that the reputation of the term “refurbished” made all computers under this category sound like they are defective. It sounds like a summary verdict without a trial.

So here are the top myths that is stopping you from getting the best value out of your money-

Myth Number 1: Refurbished is synonymous with “damaged” or “fixer-upper”

Refurbished refers to computers that may have been reconditioned to its tip-top performance. It is not synonymous to “once damaged but is now OK”. It does not mean that it has a shorter life-span than a brand-new computer because it has been used and not all refurbished computers were used. Some were demo computers or slightly damaged while in transit but has been fixed.

Brand new business computers would hurt a home user’s pockets but refurbished business class machines allow home users to experience top quality performance without the costs.


Myth Number 2: Refurbished Computers Have Limited Warranties

All computers have an expiration to their warranties—and refurbished ones are no exemption to this. Before you bring home your machine, your store seller would let you know how long the warranty would be. Oftentimes, refurbished stores would give add-on extended warranty however this depends on the store you are dealing with but of course a diligent shopper like you would always read the fine print just to make sure.


Myth Number 3: Refurbished Computers Do Not Come with Licensed Software

When people think refurbished, they often see an image of a car stripped of all its insides and/or its paint. This is not the case with computers. Refurbished computers do come with licensed Windows software. Moreover, you can always check with your friendly refurbished store staff just to be on the safe side.


Myth Number 4: Refurbished Computers have Unfixable Bugs

The opposite is true. While brand new computers are sold with 100% perception that everything is OK with them , guaranteed by the factory—your refurbished computer had to be tested, retested and checked all over again before being put on sale. Consequently, this means much care and rigorous testing is done focusing on individual refurbished machine to ensure that everything works with it.

You should always check out the condition of your refurbished computer. Buyers are well protected by warranties and guarantees so do not let any misconception stop you from using business class machines.

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