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The Future of Refurbished Computers

The Future of Refurbished Computers We’ve said it time and again—buying refurbished over brand new is the way to go, not only do you get opportunities to get your hands on business class computers but you also save a ton of money. To top all these, you help out in reducing e-waste. So what is the future of refurbished? Are people really buying these stuf...

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Finding the One: How to Invest in the Right Computer

Finding the One: How to Invest in the Right Computer So you’ve created a list of things to do and things to change this New year and maybe it includes getting a new computer. Holiday sale prices look tempting but if you are going to invest in getting a new computer then read on and find out what are the priority things to consider.

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Top Four Myths About Refurbished Computers You Should Ditch

Ordinarily as a responsible consumer, you would want to thoroughly check out the merchandise before you even buy out in addition to this, you would even check reviews online and if the company has any BBB unresolved complaints. The same is true with refurbished computers but the problem is that the reputation of the term “refurbished” made all computers under this category sound like they are defective. It sounds like a summary verdict without a trial.

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