Why Schools Should Opt for Refurbished

refurbished computer for school


The last 10 years have not been so kind to school budgets.  With the growing population and economic recessions that the country has suffered, the technology outlook for schools is not so great. Some schools opt out of technology upgrades with the budget stretched thin to cover the needs of the students.

Technology tracts for schools are looked at as inessential but with the turn of the century, it looks more and more evident that kids nowadays have to get educated on technology, basic programming languages and general computing to give them a fighting chance for their future. Many teachers are rallying to get more technology to their students. Many of them have found the perfect solution: refurbished computers.

Refurbished computers can answer the needs of the school to be within budget and at the same time, the needs of the students to be on par with other more financially advantaged schools. Not only that, it is ecologically sustainable.

With budgets at a high-time low, refurbished computers make one-to-one computing for students a reality. However, the stigma attached to “refurbished” is preventing many from reaping the benefits. A refurbished computer costs a fraction of that of a brand new one. At the price of one new computer, you could actually get two to four depending on the model that you choose. Many companies provide warranties covering up to 4 years. This doesn’t mean that your refurbished computer will break down easily. These warranties are provided to give buyers more confidence in buying and move away from the stigma.

The machines that refurbished companies provide are not outdated models. With the way technology trend turnover is today, the machines that refurbished companies are technically just a few months behind the latest models. Sometimes, they even have refurbished computers with the same models as the latest ones.

Current Schools

The Mighty PC currently supports local schools with providing standardized computers at a low cost. It didn’t end there. Schools that have partnered with the company had helped educators tweak their technology education/ curriculum planning. We have also assisted them in automating their upgrades so that they can sustain their technology programs even with minimal help from us. We also provide them with tech assistance on site and other training that could help them in teaching their kids.

Our passion is to help kids everywhere, be able to gain confidence in computing because we believe that the future is in STEM. We, The Mighty PC, are computer teachers with educator mindset.  We work with schools for their unique computing needs so every child can have a brighter future.


Call us at 480-550-9078 and we can discuss how you can also have your own computing program without the high costs.

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