Finding the One: How to Invest in the Right Computer

So you’ve created a list of things to do and things to change this New year and maybe it includes getting a new computer. Holiday sale prices look tempting but if you are going to invest in getting a new computer then read on and find out what are the priority things to consider.

Need versus Want

Statistics show that gadgets are the top billing when it comes to most sought and most bought items during the Holiday season, blame it on the jolly spirits. And of course, you found this blog on a site selling computers but guess what? We will not encourage you to buy a laptop just yet. Check out if your old laptop is still up to par with the tasks that you are planning such as simple typing and research. However, if you think your laptop or desktop is not reliable enough to take on the challenges of 2019 then you can bring it in and consider a swap or upgrade; give it away to a charity or your cousin who might need it for school work. (Check out our article on how to properly dispose of computers HERE)

Desktop versus Laptop

Are you planning a new career or starting a new business this year? Consider the following: Will you be traveling? Will you bring your work with you or are you looking for a computer which will stay only at your store? The new desktops are not as bulky as they used to be so don’t let size bother you but if you are thinking of taking on a nomadic lifestyle then laptops are the best pals when it comes to portability. This also means you’ll have to think ahead about batteries and warranties.

New versus Refurbished

Should you buy a new one or a refurbished computer? Buying refurbished computers does not require as much money as buying brand new computers, but they do require due diligence. Do your homework and research the return rates, customer reviews, and warranties offered by your refurbished store.

Check out your business or personal needs to gauge how much computer muscle you’ll be needing and start this year right by finding the right computer and staying within your budget.

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