Troubleshooting audio issues


For a long time, Windows 10 users have been reporting issues with the way the operating system handles sound, and the majority of the issues are caused by one simple thing: outdated drivers.

Older drivers may work fine with older versions of Windows, but they may not work as well with Windows 10. To resolve such issues, go to the Start menu and type Device Manager into the search box. When you click the link, a new window will open with a variety of options. Select 'Sound, video, and game controllers,' and a list of results will appear, including a sound card option.

After selecting the sound card, go to the Driver tab. The option to update the drivers will be available, which you should select. This will direct you to the manufacturer's website, where you can find instructions on how to obtain a new driver.

The problems should hopefully go away once it's downloaded and installed (make sure to get the Windows 10 version of the driver, if one exists).

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