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In Windows 10, you can take better screenshots

Taking a screenshot on a Mac is a simple process. However, on a Windows PC, things are a little more complicated. On Windows 10, you can take a screenshot of the entire screen by pressing the PrtScn (PrintScreen) key, though you'll have to paste the image into an app afterwards (like Microsoft Paint, where it can then be saved out as an image file, or Word, where it will appear in your document).

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More brilliant keyboard shortcuts

Here's another shortcut tip for those who are frustrated by their inability to work quickly enough in Windows. The power user's dream is to open multiple applications with specific shortcuts, and Windows 10 makes it simple to do so.

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Getting DVDs to function again

For some reason, Windows 10 does not include DVD-playing software by default. Microsoft does sell an app called ‘Windows DVD Player' as a download from the Windows Store, but it costs £11.59 (approximately $15, AU$20).

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